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Yoga For Beginners

Are you recently practicing yoga? If yes, this information about yoga for beginners will explain all questions you want to know.

What is Yoga?

Yoga is a form of exercise coming from India trying to unite the body, mind, and spirit of the practitioner by doing some yoga poses and meditation followed by proper breathing techniques.

What benefits can I get by practicing yoga?

Yoga offers a lot of benefits physically and mentally. Physically, yoga will give you a better shape of body and a good flexibility so can have wider range of movement. Mentally, yoga will calm your mind so you can feel relax all the way through.

What types of yoga for beginners is recommended?

There are many various styles of yoga offered by many yoga centers. However, practicing Hatha Yoga is recommended for beginners since the movements usually are done gently in slower paced.

What equipments of yoga for beginners are needed?

Yoga mat is the only thing you need. Sometimes, the mats are provided in the yoga studio. You should confirm this. But, if you prefer to use your own mat for the hygiene reason, it is no problem at all.

General Tips

- Be on time

It is better if you can arrive 15 minutes earlier, so you can prepare yourself, put your things in a locker, have a gentle stretch, or have a chit chat with other members or the yoga instructor.]

- Cell phones off

Turn off your cellular phone or put it on the silent mode during your yoga session.

- Shoes off

Yoga practice is done on bare foot. However, there are yoga socks offered in the market. You may still use it.

-  Say that you are a beginner

Usually, the instructor will ask whether there is anyone new in his/her class. No need to feel embarrassed, make sure you raise your hand. It is important, so the instructor can give some movements options of yoga for beginners.

- Stay during the class

Try to not leave the class in the middle of the yoga session. If you want to go to a toilet, you should be done before the class. If you don’t like the instructor or the way he/she teach, please stay until the end of the class only for that time. You may decide the next day to not join his/her class.

- Don’t skip meditation time

Yoga practice is began and ended by meditation session. Most of people skip the meditation time at the end of the class. Whereas, it is important to help yourself being calm and centered.  You will this is an enjoyable session.

yoga for beginners

All the tips and guides of yoga for beginners have been told. Now, it is time for you to do regular yoga practice and see the great results.

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